Sunday, February 18, 2018

6 year stats

Pearce had his 6 year well check and everything checked out perfectly.  Dr. Sperling was very happy with his growth!  **Of course, that night Pearce's throat started hurting and he started running a fever.  Turns out he had his second bout of flu PLUS strep throat!**

Weight:  50.6 lbs, 76th percentile
Height:  46.5 in, 70th percentile
BMI:  16.4, 76th percentile

Sunday, February 11, 2018

School fun....Baby Shower and the 100th day

Pearce's sweet teacher, Mrs. Worrell is due to have her baby next month.  Several of the classroom moms and I decided to throw her a surprise baby shower.  It was so much fun and came together perfectly!  We all contributed to a huge gift basket of new mommy must haves.  I helped the kids fill out a questionnaire about what makes a good mommy and made it into a book....these were hilarious!  I also made these cute utensil holders that looked like a little hair bow.  One of the kinder teachers took her to Starbucks while the kids were at Specials and that's when we came in and set up in another teacher's room.  We had to quickly go through the kids backpacks to get any gifts and then I left a note with the librarian to give to Mrs. Worrell when she picked up her class.  It said "A surprise awaits you and your class.  Please go to room #1111.  See you soon!"  When she and the kids walked in, she immediately started crying, which meant we all started crying!  It was so sweet because she said she absolutely had no idea about this!  The kids got to eat their snacks and then they decorated diapers for her middle of the night stash, and then they watched her open her gits.  Every gift opened had the cutest reaction and an "AWWWWWWWWWW" from the kids :)  We ended the shower with seeing who could diaper a baby better....blindfolded :)  The boys were cheering for Mr. Worrell and the girls were cheering for Mrs. Worrell.  We all had so much fun with this and can't wait to meet Baby Olivia!!

Last week was an exciting one in Kindergarten because they were celebrating the 100th day of school on Friday and doing all kinds of fun activities during the week.  On Friday, the kids were supposed to dress like they were 100 years old.  I got some gray hair spray and then found everything else at our house which made putting his outfit together easy!  Pearce was so excited to get up and get dressed Friday morning.  We made him a gray mustache and gray eyebrows and then I added some wrinkles to his forehead and he was ready to go!  He was adamant that an old man needed a cane and wanted to take his walking stick.....I was adamant that he would cause serious damage and angry feelings from the teachers :) so we compromised with a wrapping paper roll.  He looked soooooo cute!  I was calling him "Grandpa" while we were getting dressed but he finally told me to stop because "Papa and Pops are grandpas and they don't look like this because they are not old people!"  Yes, that's right Pearce :)  

Pearce turns 6!

I cannot believe we have a 6 year old now!  Pearce was sooooo excited to turn 6 and kept asking how many more sleeps til his birthday :)  He was excited to turn 6 but I think more excited for his cousins to come for the weekend.  Of course, he would get the flu 4 days before all of this!  He totally rallied and was well for the big day!  We surprised him with a donut and hot chocolate for his birthday breakfast.  He also got to wear his new birthday shirt to school.  After school, he told us that he got to do all sorts of fun activities for his birthday and we made birthday goody bags for his classmates, so he said his friends were really happy to get them.  His friend, Ridley, came over after school to play which was fun.  Daddy brought home pizza and then he FINALLY got to open his presents!  He got so many cool things.....his big present from us was his Nintendo 3DS.  GG  and Mama and Papa got him some fun games to go along with it, so he's been really excited to have a real video game system and learn how to play all the games!  The next day, Auntie Ashy and Nay Nay and Charlotte took off from school early and got to Austin early in the afternoon.  We decided to get Pearce early from school to surprise him!  Pearce was so confused about why I got him out of school early, but he had no complaints.  When I opened my car door, Nay Nay and Charlotte yelled "SURPRISE!"  Pearce just started laughing and really could not believe it!  We took them to Chick Fil A to eat and play and then went to Ikea to pick out a desk chair for Pearce's room and then came home and just let the kids play and stay up late :)  Having Pearce's room finished was so great because they had a lot more room in there and really enjoyed playing in just his room.  Ash and I had fun just being together and watching movies :)  On Saturday, we took the kids to Austin's Park and Pizza which is a pizza/amusement park place.  Pearce had the choice of having a birthday party with friends at a fun place or having Nay Nay and Charlotte come for the weekend and go someplace fun with them.....he chose his cousins :)  So, I payed for all 3 to have the armband with unlimited access to the rides and games plus we all got the food buffet.  It was still WAY less expensive than having a big birthday party, but the main thing is that the kids LOVED this....Pearce would much rather have his cousins than his friends, LOL!!!!!  They rode rides, played putt putt, went on the climbing wall, got to play video games, did a simulator ride, played laser tag, and got to eat pizza whenever they wanted.  We were there all day and just let them do whatever they wanted until they were ready to go.  We stopped at the Domain because Ash and I wanted to go to Sephora, so Nathan and Pearce played in the grassy area outside the store and the girls went makeup shopping.  It's so fun to go there with Charlotte because she loves trying on all the makeup :)  When we came out, we saw Pearce and Nathan had made a friend and were playing with him.  That night, they just played some more and watched a movie and then fell asleep.  Ash and I stayed up late and just had so much fun talking.  Luckily, they didn't have to rush off the next morning, so we all took our time getting ready, went to eat lunch, and then it was time to say goodbye.  I knew Pearce was going to be soooooo sad, but man, I was not prepared for just how sad he became.  After we said goodbye and watched them drive off, Pearce could not stop crying.  He just kept saying "I miss Nay Nay and Charlotte."  "I want Nay Nay and Charlotte."  I cried so had and for so long that he eventually just fell asleep.  It made me so sad because I missed everyone too!  When I walked into Pearce's room to clean up, I totally lost it because instead of seeing a big mess, I saw a spotless room with everything put away and folded.....sweet little Charlotte had cleaned up Pearce's room and wasn't even asked to do it.  It took a day for Pearce to not cry about Nay Nay and Charlotte.  We all just had so much fun together!! 

Thank you for coming and celebrating Pearce's birthday!!!  We love you Auntie Ashy, Nay Nay, and Charlotte!!!