Monday, July 17, 2017

First Lost Tooth!

Pearce lost his first tooth on July 6, 2017!  I noticed how wiggly it was and we decided to try to pull it using dental floss tied to a door and his tooth.  He was so excited about trying this, but each time I slammed the door, the floss would just slip off his tooth.  Pearce then said I should use my "sewing string."  So, I got some strong thread and tied it to his tooth and then to the door.  Well, then he freaked out about it because he knew the string was tied really well to his tooth.  No amount of coaxing was going to work and he did not want me to slam the door.  So, I cut the string from the door but then could not get the rest of the string off his was tied really tight!  After lots of convincing, he agreed to let me pull the string, but I only got one try.  I yanked and out came his tooth!  He was so excited but then got scared because it bled.  We got the bleeding stopped and he LOVED his new smile!  For once, Pearce happily agreed to go to bed because he could not wait to see what the Tooth Fairy was going to leave him.  He put his tooth in his Tooth Fairy pillow that I had ordered several months ago and off to bed he went.  The next morning, I was still half asleep when I heard him wake up Daddy to go check his pillow.  He was so excited that the Tooth Fairy left him $2.00 and a teeny tiny note that told him how happy she was to get a nice, clean tooth.  She also told him that she could tell he brushed his teeth twice a day and to keep that up so that he has a nice, healthy smile :)  His other bottom tooth is slightly loose, too.....the Tooth Fairy is going to be very busy!

4th of July '17

After the beach, we came home to Austin, unpacked a few beach items, picked up Chris, and then headed off to the lake for the 4th of July!  Pearce watched his movie for a while and then passed out the rest of the drive :)  We had such a great time because it was the first time Chris had gone with us to the lake and Pearce was so excited to show him everything.  We loved that Auntie Jen was able to come for the weekend, too!  The only time Pearce wakes up early is when we're at the lake.  He gets up early and then goes to the living room and sits with Papa and Annie and watches a show for a while until everyone else gets up.  Mama cooked us a great breakfast and Pearce could not wait to get on the water to show his daddy tubing and swimming skills!  Daddy even took several rides on the fun!  That night we went out on the water to see the fireworks in the middle of the lake.  This was such a neat fireworks show!  Pearce loved sitting on the back of the boat to watch the show....and what an awesome show it was!  We decided we're always going to the lake for the 4th...nothing better than being on a boat in the middle of the lake to see fireworks!  We did lots more swimming and fishing and tubing the rest of the weekend.  Papa did SUCH a good job cooking ribs for celebration dinner.....nothing better than BBQ for the 4th!  Since the 4th was on a Tuesday, the fireworks show was on Saturday night which was kind of nice because we left on Monday and were still able to take part in the pool party at the club.  On our way back home, we stopped by to see Grandma.  She was having a tough time when we first got there and it was obvious she was in pain and very uncomfortable.  It really worried Pearce, but he was such a trooper and watched the nurses make her more comfortable and once she received some pain medicine she was so much better!  She laughed and smiled at Pearce and talked to him.  Pearce was so sweet to Grandma....rubbing her hand, talking to her, and giving her LOTS of kisses.  Anytime the little kids visit Grandma, she enjoys it so much.  It was a really nice visit and I'm so thankful for that and for the sweet pictures I have of that visit.  On Tuesday the 4th, Pearce and I went to the club for their big pool party.  The pool was totally packed.  We swam for about 20 minutes, but then decided to go check out the big blow up slide they had set up.  Well, as soon as Pearce did it one time, that was it....we stayed there for TWO hours!  He loved it!  They also had a foam bubble pool thingy set up, too.  Pearce went back and forth between those and just had the best time.  He also took part in an awesome water balloon was so funny seeing Pearce throw these water balloons at kids....totally crazy, but fun!  Later that evening, we went over to one of Chris's friends' houses for ANOTHER pool party.  Pearce was very popular there....the guys there LOVED playing with Pearce in the pool and throwing him in the was really cute to watch.  We got home later that night and were excited to let Pearce try out some sparklers we got him.  He had never done sparklers or any type of fireworks, so he had a blast!  We got smoke bombs, sparklers, and a bigger thing that spewed out sparks and smaller fireworks.  These things are all approved to do in the city limits, so we will definitely be getting more for next year!

Funny story about this little guy.  We were at dinner with everyone at a Mexican food restaurant and when Pearce took a bite of his quesadillas, he said loudly "Mmmmm, these are so damn good!"  We were all a little shocked and not quite sure whether we should laugh or not.  Then Pearce said with a shrug "Well, Daddy says that."  Then we all started laughing!  Daddy does enjoy good food and yes, he does say that quite a bit!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Port Aransas

Christie wanted to take Ridley to the beach since he had never been.  She was going to go all by herself since Mike's work schedule was packed, so I asked if she wanted Pearce and I to go and she said yes!  So, we rented a beach front condo, we each brought food and supplies, and we headed down to Port Aransas!  It was only 4 hours from our house, so it was such an easy drive.  Pearce was soooo excited to get there.  He is normally a very good traveler, but I nearly lost my mind driving down because every few minutes he was asking when we would be there :)  We left at 7 am and got there at 11.  We knew we wouldn't be able to check into our condo yet, so we all wore our suits and just went straight to the beach!  Pearce was a beach pro!!!!  He jumped right into the water.  This was Ridley's first time at the beach, so it took him a little bit longer to warm up to the waves.  The waves were really big and fun....Pearce and I loved them!  Ridley spent most of his time just playing on the beach.  He and Pearce played so well together the whole time we were there!  I must say, I was pretty proud of Christie and I.  I borrowed the beach umbrellas from Dad and I was a little nervous about having to put them in because I didn't know if I would be strong enough to do it.  Well, I did it and they stayed up!  Christie stayed an extra day, so I let her borrow an umbrella and she was able to put it up all by herself, too!  We had such a great first day at the beach.  That evening, we took the boys on a pirate ship.  It was really fun and they loved it!  The crew dressed and talked like real pirates and put on a show the the whole time.  Ridley and Pearce got to pick out a souvenir on the boat....Pearce picked out a sword and Ridley got a gun...the pirates even went around and painted mustaches on all the kids.  It was really cute!  After the pirate ship, we went back to the condo and let the boys play a little, but then they crashed and Christie and I had fun staying up late and talking.  The boys slept together in one bedroom and Christie and I had the other room with twin beds.  Ridley and Christie got up early, so Pearce got up early, but I slept in a bit.  We had a quick breakfast, packed the coolers and then headed to the beach for the ENTIRE day!  What a fun day it was.  The waves were bigger and better and Pearce and Christie and I had the best time playing in the waves!  Ridley was happy just playing on the beach :)  The boys continued to have the best time together which Christie and I both loved!  We stayed until close to 5:00 and then Christie took the boys swimming in the pool while I took my shower and then she brought them in and I gave the boys baths while Christie took her shower.  Christie and I were always on the same page about splitting up duties and it just made for such a fun, easy trip!  The boys played for a while and we ate dinner at the condo and then when it was dark enough, we went crab hunting.  Ridley had never been crab hunting so it was a lot of fun.  We were actually pretty successful and caught about 10 crabs, I think.  By the time we got home, the boys were worn out.  We put them to bed and the Christie and I stayed up late again just talking.  It was so nice getting to have some girl time with her!  Pearce and I had to leave early the next morning to pick up Chris and then go to the lake for the July 4th celebration.  Pearce was soooo sad to leave.  Next year, we will definitely stay several more days.  I loved Port was such a cute little beach town!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Father's Day '17

Our Father's Day was a very laid back day that started with Pearce and I making Daddy a big breakfast.  Pearce also wanted to make him an Orange Julius.  He knows exactly how to make one because he makes them all the time with Mama.  I let Pearce tell me the ingredients and how to make it and it turned out perfectly!  After a nice breakfast, we gave Daddy his gifts....Pearce picked out two new golf shirts for Daddy and surprisingly he loved them and didn't want to exchange for new colors or size!  Daddy went to play in a golf tournament that afternoon and Pearce and I went swimming.  We had a really relaxing day which is just what Chris wanted, so mission accomplished!  So thankful Pearce has such an amazing Daddy and that we get to celebrate this day for him!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Preschool Graduation and Lake Fun!

And just like that, Pearce's days at Bethany School are over.  We went to his preschool graduation and I wasn't prepared for how sad it would make me.  Pearce started going one day a week at Bethany when he was 20 months old.  I toured several churches and when I found Bethany, I knew that's where I wanted Pearce.  The teachers and staff were all so caring and kind and you could just feel the love at Bethany.  Pearce had 4 birthdays at Bethany, he was potty trained at Bethany, he finally learned that Mommy always comes back at Bethany, he and I both made so many nice friends at Bethany, and although he never went more than 2 days, he learned so much at Bethany.  All of these memories came flooding back to me during his graduation ceremony and slideshow, and I just couldn't hold back my tears.  I just loved how Bethany felt like our safe place....I knew he was cared for and care about while he was there, I knew the teachers were there because they WANTED to be there, and I knew the school believed strongly in "playing to learn."  I worry so much about all of these things when he starts public Kindergarten, but I can't keep Pearce in my little bubble forever...although I would love to!  The program was really nice and each child was introduced and their teacher announced their favorite part of school and what they wanted to be when they grew up.  Pearce's favorite part was the playground :) and he wants to be a Vet when he grows up :)  After the program, there was a reception in the gym with snacks and lots of goodbyes.  This was Mrs. B's last year and I just feel so thankful that we got to have her.  She was absolutely wonderful!  I know Pearce is ready for Kindergarten and I am so excited for him because he is excited, but I am seriously going to miss having my little guy with me during the week!  All I want for him is to come home and tell me he had a great day at school!

 First Day of Mother's Day Out at Bethany (20 months old)

3 Year Old Class with Ms.Irene and Ms. Dawn

4 Year Old Class with Ms. Carolyn

Officially a Preschooler...1st Day in Mrs. B's class

Halloween with Mrs. B

Last Day of Preschool

Preschool Graduation and Pearce's sweet class

Proud Daddy!

My sweet little family

LOVED Mrs. B!!

Ready for some lake fun!  After school, we drove straight to the lake to celebrate the beginning of summer break!  As always, we had such a great time!  Pearce tested out the new tube and fished before Ashley and Nay Nay and Charlotte arrived.  Once they got there, the fun really started with those 3!  They had THE BEST time tubing on the new tube!  Ashley and I loved it, too!!!  It was so fun to just let loose and be silly and not have a care in the world....except who's going to tube next :)  I swear, I have no idea how the kids have endless energy.  Pearce NEVER wakes up before 8:30 or 9:00 if he doesn't have to, but when he's at the lake, it's 7:00 for him.  He'll get up and then just go to the living room to hang out with Annie and Papa and watch TV before the rest of us get up.  When Nay Nay and Charlotte got there, that's what the 3 of them did, they stayed up late!  We cooked out, made s'mores, the kids swam and played on the blue mat every chance they could get, and Annie was in heaven with all the extra loving she got!  We are so looking forward to lots more lake trips this summer!!