Monday, November 20, 2017

Halloween 2017

Our Halloween this year was so much fun!  I was excited that Mama and Papa could spend Halloween with us this year.  They got here Tuesday afternoon just in time to pick Pearce up from school.  He was so excited when he saw them in the car :)  Pearce was soooo anxious for trick-or-treating to get here, so Pearce and Mama played several long games of Scrabble :)  Chris made the best chicken spaghetti for dinner, so we ate first and then started getting ready.  I think Pearce was the cutest Spiderman ever!  I loved watching how excited he was.  Mom and I took Spiderman trick-or-treating and Papa and Chris stayed to pass out candy.  It is always so fun for me to see all the kids out and about in their costumes so happy and excited....and Pearce was no exception.  We went all around the neighborhood and when Pearce's bucket got too heavy, he was ready to go back home and eat his candy!  He also loved answering he door and handing out candy :)  On Wednesday, I had the day off, so mom and I went to eat lunch with Pearce at school and then we went shopping!  I loved being able to spend the day with Mom just talking and having fun being together.  We picked Pearce up from school and then took him to Jumpstreet.  He had fun showing Mama and Papa all his cool moves!  Of course we had to get ice cream on our way home :)  On Thursday morning, Mama and I dropped Pearce off at school and then she went with me to my preschool to help me with my kids.  It was so fun to see her with my little kids....they loved her!!  She was such a huge help because I had to get their Indian outfits ready for our Thanksgiving feast the next week.  Having 8 3 year olds paint vests, headbands, and string beads on a necklace is no small feat!  Well, mom got several of the kids' outfits all finished which made my job a lot easier!  We had such a fun time celebrating Halloween together.  Thanks for coming Mama and Papa!!!!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Pearce gets stitches

Last Saturday, on October 28th, Pearce fell and hit his head on our coffee table and had to get his first (hopefully last) set of stitches.   We were having fun watching the Arkansas game.  Pearce was playing on his iPad and got so excited that he had gotten to the next level on his game.  He stood up on the couch and was doing a silly dance.  I was laughing at him.  Then all of a sudden, his foot just slipped off the edge of the couch and he crashed down head first into coffee table.  I saw it happen and the sound....I can still hear the sound his head made when it hit.  He immediately started screaming and was holding his head.  I could see blood coming from his hand and from the sound his head made, I knew he had to have cut it, but I was not prepared to see what I saw.  I moved his hand and saw a deep gash and hole in my baby's forehead.  It was such a shock to see.  I completely freaked out.  Thankfully Chris was there and remained calm the entire time and had to tell me to calm down in order to keep Pearce calm.  Chris immediately put a towel on his forehead and then we scrambled to get Pearce dressed and get ready to go to the ER.  We decided to not go to the hospital close to us, but go a little further to St. David's Round Rock.  When Chris had to go to the hospital for his blood pressure and heart issue, we went to the one by us and were not impressed at all with it.  No way we were taking our little boy there.  In the car, I rode with Pearce in the back and my sweet little boy had calmed down but was so scared about having to get stitches.  It broke my heart how scared he was.  He kept asking if it was going to hurt.  I told Pearce that the doctors would take such good care of him and that it would hurt a little, but the doctors would do their best to make sure it was quick and that when children are hurt, they always take extra special care of kids.  We got to the ER and Pearce walked in like a big boy still holding a towel on his head.  They were so sweet and got us right in.  The nurse took his vitals and then took us back to a room.  The doctor came in and looked at Pearce's head and confirmed that he did need stitches.  Pretty soon, the doctor and a male nurse came in.  They wrapped Pearce up in a sheet and asked Chris to hold Pearce's arms.  Pearce started to get scared and that's when Nurse Corey saved the day!  He told Pearce that if he was a big boy and did not move and let the doctor give him the numbing shots and put in the stitches, he would give Pearce money to go to Toys R Us.  Pearce did not move a muscle when the doctor gave him the numbing shots.  I really could not believe it.  He started to whimper a little bit, but the doctor was so fast, that it was over quick.  The actual stitches were no big deal then.  He got 4 stitches and then Nurse Corey gave him a $20 bill!  We couldn't believe it!  We were so proud of Pearce and it seemed like all the medical staff were proud of him as well!  They told us that they've never had a child remain so calm during the whole process....especially getting shots around the cut!  After we were discharged, we were sure Pearce would want to go  home to rest....but nope, he wanted to go Toys R Us to get his toy :)  He had so much fun walking all around, looking at the toys, and picking out what he wanted.  We wrote Mr. Corey a thank you card and Pearce worked really hard on his writing !  This accident hasn't slowed him down.  He felt like going to a Halloween event the next day, and didn't miss any school.  His eyes got pretty swollen and the only time he seemed bothered about this whole thing was when he saw his eyes.  He did not like how his eyes looked :(  Thankfully, the swelling did not last long and there really wasn't any bruising, either.  He got his stitches out the following Friday.  Pearce was worried about getting the stitches out and if it would hurt, but thankfully, he got another great doctor that made it a breeze!  After he got his stitches out, we went to get frozen yogurt to celebrate!  We got Pearce some silicone bandages to wear over his scar in hopes to minimize its appearance over time.  He'll wear those for the next 3 months and then we will need to always put sunscreen on it.  We are hoping it fades with time!  I'm so proud of Pearce and how brave he was during this whole thing!!

Monday, October 23, 2017

October Fun!

Our October has been full of fun!  Pearce could not wait to put up our Halloween decorations, so we went to Walmart and added a few more lights and decorations and then put them up.  Pearce is so proud of our decorations and turns the lights on every night :)  I ordered Pearce's costume and when it came in, Pearce LOVED it!!  He couldn't decided between Harry Potter and Spider-Man, so I got both costumes, but when Spider-Man came in and he put it on, he was sold!  He's gotten to wear it to several events and just loves it.  Our first Halloween event was going to Boo at the Zoo with Christie and Ridley.  We always have so much fun at this.  Pearce's favorite part was the haunted house....he went through it 5 times in a row!  The next week, I met Pearce at school for lunch.  He always buys pizza on Fridays, so I was looking forward to see how he does it.  He was so excited to see me!  I brought him a sprite from Sonic, so he loved that.  We got in the lunch line and he pointed out all of his friends and told me their names.  It was so cute seeing how he goes through the lunch line....he knew exactly what to do.  Apparently, he always gets an extra treat when he buys lunch...on this day he got a Pop Tart :)  I loved sitting with him at lunch and listening to him talk to his friends.  Pearce gave me about a hundred kisses when it was time for him to that sweet boy of mine!  The next weekend, we went with some friends to our favorite farm, Sweet Eats Fruit Farm, for their Fall Festival.  Pearce loved the obstacle courses and huge jumping pillow.  I love this place because it's so shady and there are so many fun things to do.  We stayed there for 4 hours!  The next weekend was jam-packed!  I signed Pearce and I up for the Leander school districts Mudstacle....a muddy obstacle course!  Pearce could not wait to do this!  We had to wake up really early on a Saturday morning to get there and he jumped out of bed so fast and was ready to go!  We could opt to do the 5K or a shorter kids' course, but Pearce wanted to do the whole thing...and he totally kept up.  The first obstacle was sliding into a big mud pit.  We also had to army crawl through mud pits, walk a balance beam over a mud pit, and lots of other obstacle and mud pits.  At the end, we got hosed off and then Pearce got to play in a huge enclosure filled with soap suds.  It was definitely muddy and dirty, but so much fun!!!!  We scrubbed ourselves down when we got home and then got dressed for the Club's Fall Festival.  Pearce decided he wanted to go as a New York Giant's football player this time.  Chris got him this uniform last year and he loves to dress up in it, so it was fun for Pearce to get to wear it out.  The club had so many fun games and activities!  We went on a hay ride, played carnival games, watched a magic show, jumped in a bouncy house, and the most fun was watching Pearce do the "gerbil balls" inflatable ball that you get in and bump into each other.  I got claustrophobic just watching him, but Pearce had fun!  The last pic is of Pearce being a carpenter just like the guys that came to our house to build our new deck.  He was so excited about getting to see them work.  At first he just sat in a chair and watched and then he went inside and got his own tool set to "help."  Pearce always LOVES it when any type of home improvement people come to the house....the bug guy, carpet cleaners, doesn't matter who it is, he loves to watch them!  We've had a fun filled October so far with several more fun activities planned before the month is over!

Our Halloween decorations!

Spider-Man for Halloween 2017!

Boo at the Zoo

Lunch with my Kindergartener!

Sweet Eats Fruit Farm


Fall Fest at the Club

Carpenter Pearce :)